Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Guardian Angel part 1


Life sure is interesting and short. In my life, I’ve done crazy things and sinful things, lots of sinful things. My name is Michael and I’m in Hell.


Growing up wasn’t easy as I was brought up in a family that did not even believe in the word family. My dad left my mom when I was just ten years old so I had no role model to look up to and my mom was hardly at home to look out for me. So I was just alone to myself. With no supervision, I was free to do whatever I want and whenever I felt like it.


Vandalizing, joining street gangs, smoking, adultery, you name it and I’ll probably have done it. Mom was constantly looking for new opportunities to make cash while was looking for trouble. At times she would bring some unknown man into the house that just made me mad. It was those times I left the house to release my rampage. By eighteen I had left home with decent SPM grades. I’m still wondering how that happened though.


Working life sure was hard but I managed to get by and when times got rough, I resorted to extreme measures. Sometimes I’d join a crew to make small time robberies or conduct some underground illegal trading with my crew as well. All of this just so I could keep the fat landlord from screaming up to my apartment room about the stupid rent. Everything went perfectly well in my life. Sadly, fate has plans of her own.


One fine day on the weekend, I was just lazing in my apartment room when I noticed smoke rising from my window. I opened my window cell and looked below to find the entire floor below was on fire. Strangely enough, that was the same floor the landlord stayed in along with a single mother and her infant child. Quickly I dashed down the stairs to make my way to the ground floor from the fifth. As I approached the burning fourth floor, the single mother in her apartment had been crushed by a fallen shelf.


I could’ve run and left her since I didn’t really know her that well except that she is a nice person. For some reason I went into her burning room to pull her up. Everything was on fire and melting. The heat was intense and the smoke made it impossible to breathe. With every ounce of my strength, I heaved the shelf from her and carried her unconscious body with me down to the lobby where firefighters had just arrived to take her from me.


As she was taken from my arms, she whispered in her unconscious state, “my baby”.


“Shit the child is still back there.” So I ran back to rescue the baby despite the fire already reached the third and second floor. I reentered the fourth burning floor where my head began to swirl from all the smoke around me.I was way over my head but saving this child was the one thing I was going to make right with my life. By chance I found the child crying in her cradle. I grabbed her and tried to run back down but the stairs was suddenly covered with fallen burning debris.


With nowhere to run, I held the child close to my chest and stood by an open window. Vaguely I saw a group of firefighters spreading a thick wide fabric that is supposed to catch people should they jump from high rise buildings. I looked back at the small thing and smiled as she looked back at me.


“I guess this is it kid.”


I threw her out of the window and the firefighters caught her quickly and instinctively. By that time, I was overcome by the thick smoke all around me. I collapsed to the floor with the fires spread all over. The fire drew closer in and I could already feel my skin being roasted by the heat alone. Then everything went blank. That was the last time I ever opened my eyes alive. The fire burned everything that was inside that floor, including me.


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  • 1) mendapat pra-neraka sebelum menemui neraka sebenar!
    cant wait for number 2!
  • 2) there is still kindness in a broken child.. eh apeda aq ckp ni//
  • 3) part 2 plzzzzz!
  • 4) Next please!
  • 5) looking forward for the next part...

  • (Author)
    6) woah thanks for the comments......hope you guys enjoy part 2

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