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Guardian Angel part 5


 “Life is the crossroads of Heaven and Hell”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - John Milton

Though we cannot see it or smell it, we know it’s there and it is that which I hunt. It is that which will set me free from an eternity in damnation. What I seek are souls, from Hell.


       Souls that have escaped from Hell are typically referred to as ghosts or restless spirits. It’s all the same for me once you’ve hunted a couple dozen of them. I only wish they wouldn’t scream so much. I’ve already heard a hell lot of that down below. This latest soul that I had extracted itself from its human host was especially loud. It did not like being bounded by its own black chains as it awaited Death to fetch it back to Hell.


      It was weird enough that Lianna, the single young mother that I had saved a moment ago, is able to see me but to not be overwhelmed by my odd presence is way beyond me. As I waited for Death to arrive in Lianna’s living hall, Lianna herself stood behind me in some sort unexplainable fear. It was as though she knew the soul I had just hunted was still in the room despite being unable to see it.


       Death finally arrived to carry out the regular procedures and also to drop a message. “Careful Michael.” In his childish voice, “Young single mothers like her are as equally tempting as young virgins. This won’t be the last time her soul shall be preyed on.”


        Soon after he left, Lianna felt an air of easiness. She looked back at me with a smile so nostalgic. Then she spoke in a most cheerful voice, as though completely forgetting the recent events.


“Tell me who are you? Are you some sort of priest or a bomoh or maybe a wizard?” excitedly she asked and sadly I wasn’t sure how to explain my dilemma to her but I eventually did. She in return broke in tears. Was it out of self-pity for me?


“I have always wondered what had happened to you that night. I never knew you died saving me and my baby. I want to thank you but I don’t how. How do I return you the kindness that you have given me and my child? I am so sorry.”


“It is not your mistake. Whatever happened that night was of my own decision. By saving you, I may have saved my own soul. You and your child are my hope. I will not let anything harm you.”


       I wonder if she felt deeply moved by that because shortly after, she approached closely to my chest. Her soft hands placed themselves on my chest while her breath warmed my chin. As she was about to whisper something to me, a sudden surge of headaches and nerve splitting pain erupts in my head and in a cloud of black smog I vanished before her eyes and reform myself in front of the one thing I didn’t want to meet in another hundred years.


“Hello Michael, I’ve missed you so much.” Said Azazel and for once he stood in front of me. He continued speaking freely as I tried hard to maintain my focus and my footing from the horrible migraine that he inflict on me.


“I hope I wasn’t disturbing you in anything important? I wanted to know how my little helper was doing.”


“Where am I? Where have you brought me demon?” I replied as I surveyed my surroundings of grassy hills and tombstones.


“Are you so blind to not notice that you’re in a cemetery? Look here below you. It is your grave.” As I did, my heart felt like tearing itself to pieces. It was the same feeling I felt when my father left me. It was the same feeling whenever my mother brought all those men into her bedroom. Upon my grave, there were no flowers, nothing to indicate that anyone had ever paid any respects for me. Only overgrown weeds and moss flooded my tombstone.


“Aww are you feeling down because you weren’t remembered? If there’s one thing humans strive to achieve in life is to be remembered. You failed in that but I guess you’re trying to change that with this Lianna woman.”


       The moment I heard the demon utter her name in such disgust, I went completely berserk. I swung my black sword at him but his appearance turned into a black fog as my sword went through him. Azazel reappeared behind me but I was quick to swing my sword back at him but no matter how many times I cut him, he just wouldn’t die. After a while he grew tired of my games. With a clench of his fist, all four of my limbs were torn apart into four different directions and were all scattered far from one another.


“Always the energetic one but you should know better that it would take more than that to hurt me Michael. This Lianna girl, just what is so special about her. Could it be that you love her? Do you plan on making her your woman and making little Michael juniors with her? How romantic, I could just vomit in happiness. Maybe I should visit her myself, just to get a taste.”


Despite my limbs torn from me and practically hanging by his mercy, I still kept barking at him. “You monster! Keep away from her!”


“Then you better do what I tell you. Stay focus and get me my souls. If I deem this girl to be a distraction, then I’ll do what it takes to set you straight. Take my words to heart; I am the last thing you’ll ever want to cross.”


        He vanished soon after his warning. My limbs were reattached back to my body. For once, I felt so powerless. I cried to myself under the greyish murky sky as heavy rain fell onto the wet earth. I returned back to Lianna’s terrace to see if she was alright. From her window, I could see her folding her clothes with her child next to her. They looked so happy together. Rain droplets slid down the window pane just as how my tear droplets rolled from my cheeks.


“This isn’t where I belong, goodbye.”


        I turned around to walk away but then something grabbed my shoulder. It was a light grab but it felt warm. I turned around and there she was again with over flowing tears.


“This isn’t goodbye. I will not accept it. No matter what problems you face, there is always a way to solve it. So please, don’t leave. Besides, I still haven’t repaid you yet for saving me.”


      The heavy clouds that shrouded my heart were finally lifted from me. I didn’t reply for I did not how to but I think she already knew what I was trying to tell her. It finally stopped raining and we were both drenched. Then she placed her hands on my cheeks.


“Hey, can I remove these bandages around your face? I really wanna know what you look like, please.”


“Please don’t, my looks will scare you.”


“Don’t worry, you don’t scare me.” She said playfully as she went to undo the bandages around my face. As the bandages slowly came off, more and more of my hidden face was slowly being revealed. Once the last stretch of bandage was off, she gave a deep gasp.


“What? What’s wrong Lianna?”


“You…you look so beautiful.”


      In disbelief I ran towards her window and gaze upon my fair skin. My face, once thought to be scarred and burnt without recognition is revitalized to be young and fair once more. Sadly where there is light, the shadow is never far away.


      Like a sixth sense, I felt the presence of many damned souls grouping towards me. I took Lianna back to her house and told her to lock the door and no matter what circumstance to not open her door. Again these damned souls went around possessing humans like a costume. This time they’ve become smarter and decided to work in larger groups thinking they’d stand a chance.


They even went ahead and appointed their own group leader and his costume was my father.





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