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Guardian Angel part 2


          It felt like a dream, all of the things I had done in my life felt like a dream. For some reason when I woke up, I found myself in a forest of dead trees and it was a windless night at that. There were crows hanging by the branches but they weren’t making their crackling noises. A pale moon lit my surroundings which showed me the horrors inflicted upon my body.

          As I gazed upon my rotten burnt corpse, I trembled in cold fear. I was naked and could smell the odor of burnt flesh, my burnt flesh. Scars riddled my body while in some parts, the bone could be seen through. I wondered aimlessly in the dead forest with the moon to light my path until I came upon a pond.

         I knelt down to stare at my hideous reflection as I tried to remember what happened to me. I touched my unrecognizable face when a sudden surge of memories flooded my brain.

“Oh right, I’m actually dead.”

“Yes, you are dead.” said a voice that came from behind me. I turned around and got back on my feet to meet this old man in a black suit with a cane in his hand.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked.

“I suppose that is the appropriate way of putting it, seeing where I come from and where you’ll be going. My name is Azazel and you’ll do well to remember it.”

“Get lost old man, I’ve got no time for you.”

           Then, with a snap of his fingers, my left arm melted away like pudding. I screamed in pain as I grabbed tightly to whatever that was left of my arm. The old man suddenly grabs my neck and as he did, smoke came flowing out of his neck as it slowly burns my neck.

“Now you listen very closely you puny soul. You are damned and therefore you’ve been sentenced to Hell which makes me your eternal master. Since this is your first time, allow me the pleasure of giving your orientation.”

         With the flash of his eyes, my body blows itself up into a rain of crimson blood. When I woke up in disbelief that I’m still in one piece, I found myself to be truly in Hell. I wasn’t exactly sure how to describe such a place. If you had all your worst fears put together in one place but a hundred times worse, then that’s Hell. Screams of damned souls was heard everywhere and this will go on for eternity. Black chains from my wrists held me firmly in Hell. It didn’t take long before I joined the choir of screams.

          A year feels like a thousand years in Hell. Despite the torment, I somehow managed to retain my sanity and through that I was rewarded with a visit from high above. A sudden bright light from such a dark place shined above me. A creature of such beauty and warmth coming from it hovered towards me on its wings. It was an agent of God, an angel.

“Michael” the angel spoke despite its unmoving lips, “you are damned but even in damnation you can be saved. We have a task for you which only you can do.”

“What is my task?” I replied in awe.

“Your task is to remain here you unclean maggot.” Said Azazel whom has a habit of sneaking up from behind.

“Be silent demon!” said the angel. “This soul has been assigned with the task of hunting souls that have escaped your jurisdiction of Hell. Work for both Heaven and Hell Michael, and your soul will be saved.” The angel then disappeared.

“Work for both Heaven and Hell Michael, and your soul will be saved. Blah, blah, blah. Who’d believe in such crap?” said Azazel. “Listen well simpleton, though I cannot go against the word of an angel, you do very well to remember that your soul is chained here. No matter where you are on earth or what you do, your soul is stuck here and at any time I can drag your ass back here. I can’t wait for you to mess up. To give fair warning, should you kill an innocent soul, you’ll be sent down even deeper into Hell. Well I guess I’d better get you started then.”

             Without warning, that demon shoves his entire hand into my gut and all of a sudden I’m back in the world of the living. I suddenly reappear in front of a boutique shop where a human size mirror was on display. I approached closer to the mirror and noticed I great change in me.


“Yeah, I can get use to this.”



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  • 1) pengaruh konstantin? hehehe.
    kembangan idea yang menarik untuk imaginasi berat begini.

  • (Author)
    2) arigatou =)
  • 3) As the plot thickens, i can see myself travelling with the characters. Very good with words, you are.

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