Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Dear Dreary



 Yes, busy. No time to ramble...when I have time, I am either too tired or not in the mood. I dislike opening my emails on weekends and getting mail notifications from work. The New Year is moving faster than it did last year and I thought last year passed by like a flash.

 I had something I wanted to write about, I wanted to say I forgot but as soon as I thought I forgot about it, it appears that I didn't. There is this really old Chinese lady whom I saw today, I noticed her walking and feeding the cats in the market. Perhaps the curiosity in my face was apparent, I was then told a little about her.  This old lady collects chicken heads that have been thrown away in markets, everyday. She takes the chicken heads, goes back and boils them chicken heads. She then comes back everyday in the afternoon and feed the cats in the market. No, It's not like she lives nearby; she takes a bus from somewhere pretty distant and comes at the same time and feeds them cats...everyday. 

 Judging from the cats’ antics, one would notice that these cats were very familiar with her. Having said that, some people who have stalls or do business in the market, dislikes her doings and have warned her, perhaps even scolded her for feeding them cats. She is partly responsible for the increase of population among cats in that area, or so it has been thought/speculated.

 There has been complaints’ regarding the increase of numbers amongst cats in the market. Word is, the local authority have collected around some 20 kittens and hopefully transferred them somewhere where they are still living... 

 Regardless of who's right or despite what the truth might be. Some would say, some people like fishing, some people like gardening.... she needs a new hobby. On the other hand some would say, contributing to the increment of cats could pester some. I am sure you have something to say too. Though seeing that you can't now...I guess that just leaves me to voice out—my opinion.

 My first impression upon hearing about her was, ‘there is still hope for humanity’. She might be wrong in feeding the cats and is probably responsible for making them cats lazy and not being able to hunt on their own. They might have even lost their touch in the art of ‘huntestry’.  I’ve been watching too many animal related documentaries.

 I also did say that I have no time to ramble…

 In reference to the first paragraph, I’ve been bringing back work to home lately. It’s not like I am not grateful or anything…but…having said that, the email hath reminded me that I need to get some work done.

I still can’t believe it’s March already. Yesterday I was still 12 and depressed. Today…let’s not even go there.

 Back to the old lady, I found her doings inspiring and hopeful regardless of the consequences or whatever logic some might construe…when I saw here feeding them cats, I had respect for her.

Right now, I have ill feelings for my computer. I don't care what you might


I am sure I can come up with more interesting things to write about but alas! It is beyond midnight and in Malaysia even trains don’t operate this late. 


Tomorrow…today is Sunday and I hope to wake up early as to make it lengthier and worthwhile in consequent to being all productive and useful. I bid myself good night and you should do something more worthwhile. Byes.










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