Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



Nah, not so many changes, personalities and characters will they ever change? Maybe a little though the main traits, they still persist and endure. It has been a while and there was so many things going through my mind, so many things I wanted to put in writing that made the feeling of self-importance enter the mind hence again and again I lost interest.  Though seeing that I am transforming petty thoughts into words, I’ve succumbed.

I feel like posting up pictures of plants and other greens that dwells around my house. I lost my camera though; I misplaced it I don’t know where. I have another camera but the charger for that camera is also nowhere to be found.

You know when you decide on something you want to do rather passionately and follow through your interest and you end up spending your time and money and effort? Well I did that and early this morning it all paid off quite the unexpectedly. I invested in buying some pricy fishes of which I hoped they’d grow big and prosper which will then lead me into prospering. In-spite of my empty hopes they all died due to the water pump failing. It will also be helpful to bear in mind that these are sensitive fishes to begin with. Yes I am a little upset, realizing that my ‘long term’ investment perished after a couple of days, literally. As I would and almost written on the details of the terrible way that led to the expiry of my fishes and the collapse of my venture, I prefer to leave the horridness of what transpired within my now, broken heart. Having said that, I am going to save up, buy the same fishes and once again sail through and face the unpredictable ocean-s, so to speak.  

I have more orchids now. If you know about orchids (not that I do) you must’ve heard of ‘tiger orchid’ so I am hoping it would flower soon. Apart from that I have a few wild orchids (apparently they are not so easily obtained hence gives me some kind of selfish self-satisfaction that leads to me thinking of myself as a cool person).  

The cats at my house are multiplying fortunately due to some good caretakers, the house doesn’t smell of cats and to the cats’ good luck, fortunately I am not one of its caretakers.

The news, sometimes I read the news although it is designed to shove your sheep-like mind into believing what it wants you to, even then the news are dreadful and makes me lose all hope in the world (not that it matters). Hence every time I get bored I’d browse through the headlines get depressed and watch something pointless on utube.

Time. I am more and more aware of how time flies and how fast I am ageing. I never in my life imagined I would age to this age, I suppose subconsciously I believed I would just remain in my 20’s. Life is sad and a major part of life is accepting and moving on. Accept on move on whether you like it or not. What a sad thing existent is.

I’ve always love being alone with myself unperturbed. I like aloneness; though at the same time, I love company and the people around me but in the next room.   

These are just some thoughts that goes/ going through my mind. I should write more poetries, they’re more vague and at the same time pretty. Speaking of pretty, I have decided to grow my hair long once again. We’ll see how that goes and just so you know not all of my investments end up in a tragedy or with multiple deaths.  

I like waking up early in the morning although sometimes it can be quite challenging but every single time it is very satisfying. You know, due to time moving too fast and the ageing process. Waking up early makes life more meaningful and my days more meaningful too, at least that’s what I think. Here’s to hoping I wake early for the rest of my days and emphasizing more hope on sleeping early.

I think this much should suffice. Grow more plants and be less selfish and self-centred, I know they mean the same but I was trying to come up with a replacement for the word dumb.







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