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A letter to you, dear

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Dear You, 

Agreed to an affair? What are you? Bloody idiot? 

A girlfriend had agreed to be the girlfriend of a boyfriend of a girlfriend. Isn't that insane? Its like, you know he's married, but you're still marrying him. Tak salahkan polygamy ? (ok, beside the point). 

How does it feel, really? Consistent insecure? consistent insecure leads you to feel uneasy, needy, whiny, suspicious, low-self-esteem (especially when you know his girl..and if you think you don’t want to know about the other woman in his life, you'll end up looking for her, as your feeling towards him goes stronger). But the bigger word is INSECURE. Ouh, I can list you a lot more adjective if you want me to. 

Oh, you think you can be like the guy who sleeps with a girl and never calls her back, don’t you? (err, that’s just a metaphor; the bad one though:-D) You think it’s just a temporary fling that you can get away anytime you want?. A relationship with no attachment? A girl can never be that heartless. You say, there is no string attach, but the fact is you cannot control your heart from attaching that string! 

Why did you agree? Just for fun, you say? Are you nuts? Its going to bite you in the end. I know so. Don’t ruin yourself. But, you are happy, you say?. Yeah, right! You are happy when he's around. When he's not? What happen to you. Miserable right! End this up! You are not the one for this kind of relationship. End this up while you still can. Don’t hurt yourself for nothing! But I like him though, you say? That’s the problem mate! You like but you can’t have him. Is it enough for you that way? “Errmmm, no it’s not. I don’t think it’s enough.”, you’ve finally said it with a heavy sigh. 

I am sorry Jane, as a friend I am supposed to listen not to judge, not to lecture. But to let you wear another scorch marked heart, I can’t, coz I love you so much! Break it off, please. I beg you… 

Best Regards,Me 

P/S: experimental yet a real letter to a friend.

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  • 1) Please Jane, listen to your friend for once! She's right. There's no good ending to this kind of relationship. Find a real man. Not a jerk like that guy. You deserve someone better. That's your prerogative. A good man is waiting for you somewhere out there...

    p/s: tak tau la kenapa emo sgt =p
  • 2) Ohh... Jane, like I've told you before, if you played with fire, you ended up getting burned. Badly. So before it can burned you, burned him instead...muahahahah. Sha, go tell her that.

    As for the letter its was so nicely wrote, experimentation at it best, not in the sense it not been done before, but ..aahh..i wont elaborate, as you already knew:D!!

  • 3) it's ...horrendous and stupid and idiotic and selfish and immature and...WHY THE HELL THAT YOU CHOSE HIM? omg. now i don't feel so bad for falling in love with James Morrison or Jared Padalecki. ok, not that you care.
    but why Jane why? yes you like him but of course you can't have him. it's like the forbidden apple. craving for it will lead to disaster.
    i can go on forever but i am now going to have a heart attack after reading this piece.
    btw, good one sha
  • 4) agree with u sha..if smone already giv commitment with someone, pls dont try to think to do sm fling, to give other people chance. everything we do will be wrong. if we think a relationship is not working, just break up bfore looking for new one.

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