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Sweat and Tears


 The depth of the ocean runs cold like the blood in her veins. She was only a mortal human being seeking for peace. Love was the past. Death is her present. The door of happiness had shut closed the day he turned into a monster. He even ripped her heart apart.


 Akmal was her life. But having a psycho as a boyfriend sounded a bit too extreme even to her. He even booked a set of tombstone for the both of them. Until death do us part, he said.


 And to make things complicated, he even asked for her hand in marriage from her parents. What was peculiar about that you asked? It was freaky when he made this summoning of the spirits thingy and asked her deceased parents for permission. That was the last straw.


“Akmal, I think it’s over for us. I’m sorry but I have to say goodbye.” She faced her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend of two years. He stood there gaping with an open mouth. Then he let out a deep angry growl and lunged for her. Instinct told her to duck at the last second.


The last thing she saw was Akmal doing a freefall over the cliff and heading towards the ocean. Her throat was getting sore from shouting his name when he didn’t surface for air. That was the end? She cringed in agony and fear.


“Oh, god. I murdered a man. I’m a bloody killer.” She looked down at her sweaty palms, imagining red blood smearing all over her hands.


“Hey, miss. Are you okay?”


“Leave me alone.” She begged without up at the owner of the voice.


“You looked a bit troubled. You were not planning on suicide, were you?” She just snorted instead.


“Well, snorting is a good sign; I think. Mind if I join you and watch the view from there?” He scooted over to her left and sat there, silent.


“If you care to know, I think I just killed a man.” She said in a matter of fact voice. Beside her, the man froze.


“When you said killed, do you mean kill as in stabbed to death or ‘oops! I think I pushed him over the cliff’ kind of murder?”


“Are you serious mister? Who are you anyway?”


“Oh I forgot about that.” She could hear the smile in his voice. Intriguing.


“I am the grim reaper at your service, my lady.”


She whipped her head at his direction and was amazed. He was far from looking like a grim reaper. There was not an ounce of evil permeating from him. Not even his smile appeared cynical and conceding. He sat there crossed leg and looked like he was at home. What a handsome devil!


“You definitely are joking. Grim reaper my foot! Can’t you tell a more logical lie?”


“Here’s my card.” He handed her his business card, a gold lettering sprinkled over the small paper. Aizat. That was it. She flipped the blood red card around. The back was blank. She arched a skeptical eyebrow at him.


“Yeah I can see here that you missed the word grim reaper. Aizat the reaper? By the way, why is this card in red? I thought grim reaper’s colour scheme was black.” She began to slowly laugh. More like bubbling with uncontrollable urge to insanely laugh herself crazy.


“Sofea.” That one word rendered her speechless.


“Cut the crap. Who the hell are you, Aizat? Are you a police? Stop this game and just arrest me already. Don’t play games with my mind. I’m going crazy as it is.” She showed her fisted hands so that he can cuff her.


Instead of producing a silver metal handcuff from his pocket, he was fisting something much smaller than a palm-sized handcuff. What happened next was magic. She felt relieved. Her spirit soared and the unwanted burden she carried all these years suddenly disappeared. He was her key to peace? Well, he was holding a key in his palm.


His eyes spoke volumes to her and somehow she understood. In a trance, she took the silver key and breathed a sigh of relief. For what, she didn’t know. But that was the starting of her new beginning. She was turning a new leaf.



The heat scorched the pale skin of her face. Her lips were chaffed and dry, begging for moisture. The feeling came like the unpredictable tornado, embraced her like a tight glove. She choked, gasping for pure, refreshing oxygen. Someday she wished that death would come knocking at her doorstep-her brand new, beautiful and extraordinary door. She was feeling lonesome.


He disappeared right before her eyes when he gave her the key and the direction to her new sanctuary. Impulsive as always, she decided to abandon her old life behind and start anew. But now, after a fortnight spend in the big house, human contact was deeply missed. She was starting to feel homesick.


No one was waiting for her in her old life. She had no friends-only acquaintances. They don’t seem to care to find out whether she was alive or dead. Sofea heaved a long disappointed sigh.


“I am indeed a loner after all. Where did I go wrong? I thought they really liked me. I thought we were getting along quite well. I was wrong after all. I forgot that people are selfish.”


“Have fun yet, my dear?” The familiar voice greeted her as he closed the front door and make himself comfortable.


“You!” She said accusingly. “Where have you been?” She demanded as she approached the so called grim reaper. He smiled at her sheepishly and stood up. He was indeed taller than her petite size. She had to strain her neck to look up at him when he stood in front of her.


Ugh! This was getting so annoying. She arched an eyebrow at him. He hunched down so that their noses were almost touching and she flinched away in horror.


“Answer the question if you please, Aizat.” She demanded.


“I won’t because I am not pleased. What are you going to do about it?” He asked her, and she could see his eyes twinkled with laughter.


As if the world has turned upside down and warped into another parallel dimension, he took one of her hands and squeezed it. She had to force herself to breathe and swallow her own saliva that has been threatening to drool from her mouth.


“Please stop that.” She demanded, unconvincingly of course.


“The police are looking for you.” And just like that her dream bubble went ‘pop’.


“I can assure you that you don’t have to hold me. I won’t faint.”


“What would you like your happy ending to be like? Tell me and I will make it come true.” It’s as if he can read her thoughts. Could he? Na’ah.


“Impossible. Real life does not compliment the fantasy world.”


“Just tell me. Think of it as a wish.” He pulled her to the loveseat and continued to hold her hand. His grip was reassuring.


“It would be a wishful thinking.”


“What would that be? Sofea…”


“I wish for world peace.”


“Although I’m sure the world would appreciate your noble desire, that is not your real desire. What does your heart says? Wealth? Power? Love?”


“I wish…I could turn back time and have a second chance at life.”


“Considered it done. Open your eyes, sweetheart.”


“Can’t you see? I am wide awake, Aizat.”


“No you are not. Open your eyes for me, please.”


“Doctor, something’s wrong with her! Her blood pressure is falling.” A female voice echoed at the corner of the room.


“Hey, let go of my hand. Aizat! You are hurting me.”


“I won’t let go. Ever. I promise Sofea.”


Sofea began to feel her life seeping out of her body. Her eyelids fluttered close as she slumped forward into Aizat’s waiting arms. The world was black and silence.


“There’s no pulse, doctor!” The voice resonates deep in her unconscious mind. Then she heard nothing.


“Don’t give up!” The surgeon said fiercely as he began to thump her chest, trying in vain to revive his patient. She was ready to give up hope on life. The surgeon stopped after a few exhausting tries.


“The time of death is 3:45pm,” muttered the male surgeon as he took off his rubber gloves and left the operating room.





“She’s been gone for a long time.” A man in his early thirties glanced at the sky. He was frowning at the world.


“Hey mister. Want some candy?” A woman in her late twenties approached him and offered a yellow wrapped candy.


“Sorry I don’t accept things from strangers.”


“I thought you might need one to sweeten that sour face of yours.”


“Thanks but I have to decline.” He straightened his shirt and brushed an invisible speck on his pants in an attempt to ignore her.


“It’s not poison. Here, I’ll try one.” She unwrap the wrapper and popped it into her mouth. Then she went to sit beside him on the bench. He scooted away from her when she tried to inch closer.




“Sofea? Is she your girlfriend?”


“She’s my wife. Sorry, she was my wife.”


“Was? What happened to her?”


“She left me.”


“Sorry to hear that. By the way, what is your name?”


“Aizat. What is your name, miss busybody?”


“Don’t run when I tell you this. I am also a Sofea.”


“Really? What a coincidence.”


“How could you?” She pouted and crossed her arms in front of her.


“What did I do?” He asked innocently.


“I am not dead yet.”


“I’m well aware of that.”


“You said I left you.”


“You almost did two months ago, remember?” He reached for her hand.


“Sorry I was late. I had some trouble with the high heels.” She pointed at her feet.


“Yeah I can see that. How much is it gonna cost me this time?”


“Err…less than a hundred?” She smiled sheepishly.


“What is it with women and their obsession with shoes?” He muttered as he took out a hundred ringgit out of his wallet and passed it to his lovely grinning wife.


“Thank you, sayang. This is one of the things that I loved about you.”


“No more shoes for you, my dear.”


“You can’t be serious! I think I’m gonna faint. Catch me will you.” She said in mock distress.


“You are such a drama queen.”


“Sugar, have I tell you that you look dashing today? Very smart and handsome.”


“Any sweet talking will not get you new shoes, my love. But thank you for noticing.” He chuckled.


“Shall we go home now?” She stood up and pulled him to his feet.


“Tell me, what happened two months ago?” She asked Aizat as they make their way to his car.


“I don’t know. A miracle, maybe?”


“I dreamt about you.”


“I’m just glad that psycho dude didn’t survive.”


“He did jump off the cliff?”


“No. Sofea, he shot himself in the head after leaving you to bleed to death from the gun wound on your chest. Don’t you remember any of it?”


“And you saved me.” She said with a sad smile. Akmal deserved her pity. He was just a sad human being lost so deep in his possessiveness of her.


“That’s what husbands are for.”


“Wait, were we really married at that time? I don’t remember anything about you.”


“I guess…” He leaned down and whispered into her ears, “your wish has come true after all, sweetheart.”


“It wasn’t a dream!” She shrieked and hugged him so hard that he muttered, “Can’t breathe.”


“I…” she looked at him adoringly and he nodded.


“I know. I love world peace too.” He teased.


“Rake. I was going to say that I want a big diamond ring.”


“And?” He chucked her under the chin so she had to look at him.


“I love you.” She quickly hid her face on his chest.


“I adore you, my love.” He whispered into her hair.


“This is the end then?”


“This is just the beginning…” He promised as their lips met.


“I am not alone anymore.” She looked into his eyes and saw only a promising future.












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  • 1) It was dark and twisted and at the beginning, and kindda sweet at the end.I had mix feeling about your writng this time.There were part when i like it it and there were part where i have doubt whether i like it but in the end it was quite nice.Really...I like it.But i was hoping for a darker also should consider to write a novel on this kind of materials.Dark and twisted novel but make it more intense...u seem like u had the capabilities...hehehhe...i like your writing style as banyak comment lak kan...sorrry la...jgn marah tau...
  • 2)

    sometimes you make it so dark and sometimes you make it so sweet. you're really good story manipulator, missy!

  • (Author)

    zhentan: yea i sense u had a dark, gloomy soul in you.haha kidding.

    ucu: what to do? i am so unpredictable... :)

  • 4) this is very imaginative
    as if plucked from a faraway dream
    thumbs up!

  • (Author)
    5) valium: *wave* really? glad u enjoyed it.
  • 6) i think weeks of sleep deprived had left me clueless about most things nowadays...
    i'm a little confused. were they really married then?

    a good one indeed.
    wish i could have such imaginative mind.

  • (Author)
    7) naniemk: let's call it a second chance in life . she was single before but ended up being married. it's like magic!

    p/s: excuse my humor. i may be weird sometimes .

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