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Me vs Me

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In search of a soul mate
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Two men's wish

N is sitting in front of one of the computers in the library. Everybody around her is typing away, doing assignments, searching for jurnals, brushing up proposal for projects and God knows what else. Yet here she is, facing the monitor with her mind blank.

"What am i even doing here?"

"Aren't you going to update your lab book?"

"oh yes, that.."

"so, are you?


"duhh!! updating your lab book?"

"err.. no"

"why the heck not?"

"i dont have my pencil case with me. so i can't do anything"

"but you do have a pen"

"yeah well..."

"what's stopping you?"

"I don't know.. I just lack the drive, the will-power to succeed"

"and why is that?"

"hey, you're the inner me. you're the one whose supposed to have all the answers"

"you're in denial. you let procrastination found you"

"yeah.. so? aren't you the one whose supposed to fight it?"

"i can't fight it alone. I need you"

"why why why?"

"get your act together N. This is your final semester. You gotta strive for the best. be the best you can be. you're not here for a holiday you know"

"i know.. but.."

"you're letting your emotions run your life. we both know it won't bring us anywhere. you gotta wake up N. Find your strength. strive for excellence. you know you have it in you. you have me"


"there are no buts. it's just you and me now. wake up N. Enough with all this procrastination. it won't do us any good. You know that."

"you're being too harsh"

"I need to. Someone got to since you're not doing anything about it."

"Fine. You win"

"you're forgetting one thing"

"what now??"

"I am you. If I win, then you win"

"yeah, whatever. I'm not talking to you anymore"

"Good. Enough talking, start writing"

Urghh N is so angry with her inner-self that she decided to stuffs herself with whatever food she can consumed. Ha, take that! Now you're fat. (yes, but I am you)


Previous short story:
In search of a soul mate
Next short story:
Two men's wish

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I used to write when Im sad, write when Im mad, write when Im happy, write when Im lonely. I used to write my heart out, but now I only write in my heart ;)
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