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Office Correspondence: Sales! Sales!

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Petrol Price Will Rise by Merely 78 Cents
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  So Ash, a Young Padawan (she requested it) and Master S were emailing each other on a fine Thursday afternoon. Ash apparently, was having her usual problem of fighting the urge to run to the next sale when she sees one.

Here goes

Ash :

can someone help me to tie my money tight beside me? because i see another promotion coming up and i don't trust myself. I have to survive until tomorrow.  

please, i'm  in dire need for help   a

sh, needy one eh in need of help

Master S to Ash: I would be so glad to keep your atm card and cash that is available in your purse now until the promotion is ended.

Young padawan~~~ (after I get the cash, we go for makan...)

Ash: thank you my 'supportive friend'

Young Padawan to Ash: Dear needy one eh in need of help,  

Wanting is just a state of mind. All you need is enough distractions until tomorrow (while at the same time carrying around just enough money and not look at the ATM :D)

Ash to Young Padawan: o wise-old-one,  

that shall need an iron-cast determination, concentration of the same level of a young Shaolin trainer and hardwill of a suicide bomber. i'm just another chronic shopaholic trying to stay focus in the distraction ridden world  


Young Padawan to Ash: O young shopaholic,  

Either   1) take Master S "advice" (LAWL)

2) hypnotize yourself to forget about the iklan @.@

3) think about something more expensive that you've always wanted

4) hmm still thinking xD  


Master S to Ash: haha.. good one for the "Wise-but-you're-older-than-me-one-orz"   and i'm the wise-young-one too.. that's why I didn't give any advice..=P  

Oh dear mighty Ash, I'm sure you'll come over the luring promotion there... just remember to walk straight to the LRT and not peeping at any where ard shopping spots..

Ash:  How hard can it be to avoid two sale offers? Waaaa!!

Previous short story:
Petrol Price Will Rise by Merely 78 Cents
Next short story:
The Girl, The Guy & The Happy Ending.

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about the writer

Siti Aishah Abdul Aziz

the one who loses her rose-tinted glasses, with the tendency to borrow others thinking caps. 
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