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Babycharmer: Unhappy Reunion


  'What are you doing here?' Munir asked, between a snarl and curiosity. Ash can imagine the spit flying from his mouth, landing on top of her head, only if they were standing and looking at each other. But that will be so much like in the movie and obviously just in her head. She just stared blankly at Munir, wiping off all the motions written previously on her face. She felt stupid, embarassed, angry, regret and have the mad desire to just punch the guy in front of her.

  'I was here on an invitation' Ash was sitting facing the counter and she could see that Aunt Mariah was looking from the counter to their table; like watching a tennis match. Sara at her feet was too busy playing with her new toy.

  'Invitation for what? Claiming a bag or baggage from someone?' Munir asked with a sneer. This girl is fun to toy with. She has lots of things to say and never run out of words.

  A glimpse of fire flashed in Ash's eyes. It was just for a moment but Munir saw it.

  'Yes, how did you know?' Ash asked sweetly; clearly betraying what she really felt inside. Ash was still mad at Munir for arguing with her when she mistook his bestfriend's bag during a trip to Sabah.

  Munir looked at the outlet door. Such coolness and Ash never wavered. Such patience. It was rare to see that in someone. Being toyed with and still can maintain the coolness. 

  'Here Sara,' Aunt Mariah brought Sara to their table. Ash was sitting upright; tense filling her whole aura while Munir stooped on the table; a sign showing that he wanted to penetrate into Ash's private space. Aunt Mariah smiled inside and pretended to feed Sara. 
  'He is comfortable with her. Let's see if they notice this,' Aunt Mariah continued feeding Sara. 

  ' Mum, did you say something?' Munir was leaning towards her. Ash looked at her with wrinkled forehead. A worried look on her face. 

  'Oh no, I didn't say anything,' Aunt Mariah flustered. How can she forget she was saying it audibly. 

Things do get interesting. 

  'OK. I can't believe that you agreed to come to this wedding' Munir was saying in between mouthfuls of rice. Ash's hand stopped in mid air. This guy is seriously looking for trouble. Ash didn't say a word and actually came along because Aunt Mariah persuaded her to do so, claiming that Aunt Mariah wanted to go with Sara and Munir was busy. And then, Munir managed to get the day off (on a Saturday, how weird) and instead of going to the event with four people, Aunt Mariah only sent the both of them. 

  'Look, I was already there at your house. You can't really want me to turn back and head home right? I was wearing the right attire already,' Ash tried to reason with Munir. Munir's ears were read. Was he one of those whose ear will turn red when they are mad? 

  'Your house is not that far from our house anyways,' Munir said while staring at the rice in his plate. Ash was taken aback. Munir hated her or wanted to tease her that much. Just because she mistook his friend's luggage two months ago. 

  It was her first trip with her friends to Sabah. In the midst of the excitement, Ash accidentally pulled another bag that looked exactly like hers without checking if it really was. Munir ran after her, screaming on top of his lungs. Well, walking with about six people who haver never seen each other for like a years, it can be very noisy. Munir had to resort to throwing something at Ash to ask for the bag. Just imagine being hit by a Coke can in the airport, it can be very embarassing. And when Munir proceeded to call her stealer, she just kept mum. Ash decided not to say anything and let Munir vent his anger. 

  Munir marched towards her while still saying things like 'stealer' at a high decibel. It was totally embarassing. And what irked Ash the most was when he said: 'Baggage stealer. Can't you see it was someone else's bag? You might ruined my friend's vacation by stealing his bag'. It wasn't even his. 

  'Fine Munir. If you are really embarassed fine, I'll go back now,' Ash put down her spoon and took put away her plate. Ash got up and walked away from the tent, leaving Munir who stared at her back, not knowing what to do. 

  As soon as Munir realized what just happened, he quickly washed his hand and tried to get up to leave the tend. Although he was mad at Ash, he cannot bear the thought of letting her go back alone. 

  'Hey Munir!,' a very familiar voice called Munir. Munir had to turn around and saw Nazri. 

  'I thought you are not going to be here,' Munir said, grasping Nazri's hand while trying to take a look where Ash went. 

  'Of course I'll be here,' Nazri smiled good naturedly. 

  'But your wedding?' Munir asked, unable to digest the information. 
  'There's another three more months. Ouh before I forgot, you are my pengapit right?' 

  'Of course. Hahaha..' with that laugh, Munir's thought about chasing after Ash flew with the wind. 

  And Ash in the taxi was really mad. Why did Munir had to hate her?

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  • 1) aww, why do munir have to be such a baddie? can i like shoot him with paintball instead of life ammo? and why do i get the feeling that this nazri character has appeared in the previous chapters? correct me if i'm wrong.

    love it hun! i think you've got your mojo back.

  • (Author)
    2) because he's just so angry inside
    yah, they dated. remember
    ini menaip kelam-kabut. i just can't hold it back
  • 3) why me?

  • (Author)
    4) oh
    accidentally named my character after you
    take it as a compliment please

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