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happy belated halloween

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I noticed that halloween long way past.  October 31 if I'm not mistaken.  Anyway, just nice derivative thoughts during that time. Thanks for your earlier comments, readers.  Would improve my postings in the future.


1. Malaysia doesn't celebrate halloween. It's kind of sad because that's the time you can 'trick or treat' and dress up as ghosts or vampires. Some more, this country has a database of ghosts that can rival any other country in the world, even Transylvania. FYI, the ghost or hantu database is so complete there's even a hantu stokin , or socks ghost. There's even hantu susu (milking ghost) and even hantu pocong ( i don't know how to translate it, but I wouldn't mess with them). I encountered a literature that has procured more than 300 types of ghosts in Malaysia.

2. Anyway, happy halloween. If you're going to a halloween party, I can suggest several ghastly idols that you can wear. Here is some of my suggestions:

a. Hedge Fund - a real scare if you go to a party filled with people working in banks
b. Credit card - enough to scare the living daylights of anybody.
c. Khairy Jamaludin - i dare you to wear this idol. it's so scary they'll even throw bricks at you, including me. I just hate him so much, the greedy, racist, politician. Fucking bitch wants to be the prime minister by 40. Got to cheek to be PM. Kiss my ass.

Previous short story:
Run, Hilda Run!
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