Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Office Correspondence: Sales! Sales!


  So Ash, a Young Padawan (she requested it) and Master S were emailing each other on a fine Thursday afternoon. Ash apparently, was having her usual problem of fighting the urge to run to the next sale when she sees one.

Here goes

Ash :

can someone help me to tie my money tight beside me? because i see another promotion coming up and i don't trust myself. I have to survive until tomorrow.  

please, i'm  in dire need for help   a

sh, needy one eh in need of help

Master S to Ash: I would be so glad to keep your atm card and cash that is available in your purse now until the promotion is ended.

Young padawan~~~ (after I get the cash, we go for makan...)

Ash: thank you my 'supportive friend'

Young Padawan to Ash: Dear needy one eh in need of help,  

Wanting is just a state of mind. All you need is enough distractions until tomorrow (while at the same time carrying around just enough money and not look at the ATM :D)

Ash to Young Padawan: o wise-old-one,  

that shall need an iron-cast determination, concentration of the same level of a young Shaolin trainer and hardwill of a suicide bomber. i'm just another chronic shopaholic trying to stay focus in the distraction ridden world  


Young Padawan to Ash: O young shopaholic,  

Either   1) take Master S "advice" (LAWL)

2) hypnotize yourself to forget about the iklan @.@

3) think about something more expensive that you've always wanted

4) hmm still thinking xD  


Master S to Ash: haha.. good one for the "Wise-but-you're-older-than-me-one-orz"   and i'm the wise-young-one too.. that's why I didn't give any advice..=P  

Oh dear mighty Ash, I'm sure you'll come over the luring promotion there... just remember to walk straight to the LRT and not peeping at any where ard shopping spots..

Ash:  How hard can it be to avoid two sale offers? Waaaa!!

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  • 1) adoi..keciknye font ucu. anyway, ah dejavu, tadi baru je aku mendapat urge yg kuat sgt utk shop! padahal hanya ada 30minit time frame sebelum kena fetch my sis. from 1st floor, jln laju2 tu 3rd floor, oops tersalah, kedai tu kat 2nd floor. oh takde saiz, go back to grd floor butik, oh sucks! fit but it look teribble on me..haha..sungguh there goes the nike pants (ure not 4 me! damn). But to fulfill the urge, there goes 100ringgit 4 dat green quiksilver shirt. rejoice!

  • (Author)
    2) i'm surviving and have not succumbed to the temptation. but i'm happy for you, mosh
    small font? eh, it looks ok to me
  • 3) hun, the font is so eye-torturing. are you intentionally making me blind here? :p
  • 4) ok done reading(after i copy paste it back into doc*muka tak puas hati*).it sounds very much like you. ha ha ha.
  • 5) Haha.. Chronic shopaholic problem is universal.. I hv it too.. ;-)
    • bee
    • 16 years ago
  • 6) ha'ah la ucu. font kecik bangat.. but yeah, i totally get what u're saying. confession of a true shopaholic? heheh..

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