Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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For Honor, For Glory - Tis Bad Karma


World War II was a dark time in human history. Never before had so many human lives were lost in one single war. Brave men and women fought for the greater good and placed themselves in the line of fire. Battles were bloody and were fought on all fronts; on land, in the air, and at sea.

World War II ended in the year 1945 but it did not end peacefully. The axis nations fought till the cold bitter end until their guns had ran out of bullets and even then they kept fighting till death do they part. In that year, Japan was at the brink of losing the war.

Japan once dominated the skies with their fighter planes and the gave the Americans a great kick in the backside but the innovative Yankees came back with more advanced fighter planes as the war progressed on. It wasn’t long before the Japanese began losing its fighter planes and also the war.

They needed some new technology to give them the edge in combating these new American fighter planes. It was then that an anti-aircraft missile was undergoing research as a means to finally end the American air menace. This missile was codename Funryu, Savage Dragon. Sadly it was never really put to full effect as the war had come to a close.

On one of the Ryu islands, a Japanese research centre was finalizing the final stages of the Funryu missile.Unfortunately, American marines had landed on the island and began invading the Japanese island. To make matters worse, the Japanese radar tower had been sabotage leaving their airspace vulnerable to enemy air raids. Without the radar tower, American bombers would simply fly in without any problems.

Shortly after taking off from a nearby aircraft carrier, an American fighter bomber was en-route to the Ryu Island to assist the marines storming the island. At that time, a thick overcast blanket the island making it hard for the bomber to conduct its mission.

The back gunner of the bomber turns his radio on and speaks to his pilot in the front seat. “Hey Jack, you sure the Japanese don’t know we’re coming for them?”

“For God’s sake Ryan, I’ll give you three reasons why the Japs won’t even see us coming. Firstly, we took down their radar tower remember? So they won’t see squat on their monitor screens.

Secondly, we’re flying in thick clouds here. Yeah sure we can’t see them now but neither can they.”

“But they’ll eventually see us you know.” Said Ryan.

“Sure they will, and they’ll also see my bomb that’ll I’ll be dropping over their heads. Hope you enjoy my sweet surprise you Japanese pricks. That’ll teach you for bombing Pearl Harbour.”

For a moment there, Ryan felt a little at ease. Then he went asking, “Okay you said three reasons. What’s the last one?”

“Ah that’s easy, because I’m awesome and that’s the best reason ever. In any case, the only way we’re gonna be shot down is that if a missile suddenly shot us.”

“Exactly.” Said Ryan as they both enjoyed a little laughed.

Back on Ryu Island, the Funryu missile was finally complete. All it needed was a target. Sadly they were oblivious to the American craft flying over their island. As they made final checks on the missile, a sudden mishap occurred and the missile suddenly launches itself into the air.

On the beach head of the island, Japanese soldiers fought bravely to fend of the American marines from taking their island when all of a sudden they see a missile in the air.

The pilot of the American bomber was fast approaching his target. As he prepared his plane to make a dive, he suddenly sees a peculiar object flying towards him.

As Jack stared hard at the incoming object, he suddenly made a chilling realization. “Oh snap.”

 A millisecond after that, the American bomber bursts into flames and much large fiery metal debris drop out of the air and onto the island below.

 On the island below, the Japanese soldiers were at a great disadvantage and knew they had already lost. A Japanese captain knew he was going to die but rather than die on an unheard of beach, he’d rather charge at the enemy with his sword out and hope to bring down two of them to hell.

He looked at his men as they looked back. “One final glorious act.” He said. He took his sword out and shouted “Banzai!” at the top of his lungs as he charged into enemy fire.

 Sadly as he charged out, giant fiery metal debris suddenly falls out of the sky and crushes him dead. Written on the metal debris was “The 21st American Bomber Squadron”.

His soldiers that were about to follow him, looked at one another and one of them said to the other…

“Erm, after you.”




Author’s note – the word Banzai is actually a battle cry that the Japanese soldiers would shout just before they charge into a losing battle. It was usually a suicide charge.


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  • 1) A good attempt despite it being a failure.

    You see, I'm actually amazed of this harakiri and kamekaze tradition of the Japanese. Your explanation on the banzai word reminded me of something. I read a Japanese newspaper of people in the parliament shouting Banzai. And it was quite recent. A suicide cry perhaps?

  • (Author)
    2) i see, maybe its desperate cry to turn things around. anyways thanks for the comment and vote. its been way too long since i last logged in hehe. gotta fill up the time.

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