Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



There she was, standing at the front gate of the house. She forced herself to look up at the balcony of the double-storey pumpkin coloured painted house. No one was there. But she knew who occupied that room. Her skeletal hands clenched tight to the iron gate.

Every waking hour she dreamt of this. Her eyes wandered around the front premise of the house. Silence echoed back to her. She was determined to meet him. She had to tell him that she\'s around. She searched for a pen and paper to scribble on.

Destiny can\'t be prevented. Now is the time for us to meet again.


The crumpled note was now safely in the mailbox. She was lost. She was unwanted. Julia the orphan. She moved away from the house with a frown on her face. Where was she to go to now? An orphan meant no home and no parents. Life was unfair!

Engkaulah ratu hatiku...

Bila ku berduka engkau hiburkan selalu...



Engkaulah ratu hatiku...

Julia sang the song while crossing the busy street. It was lunch time. She almost made it across the other side when a car grazed her on her knee. She was knocked down flat on the tarred road. The driver sped away without even realizing that she was hit. Still on the ground, she balled herself at the side of the road, surrounded by wild bushes, shielding her from unwanted attention.

The ground shook beneath her skinny frame. The sun was hiding behind an enormous dark cloud. Julia huddled closer to the half crumbled wall behind her. Her thin clothes grimed with dirt and sweat could not stand the chance of surviving this brewing rainstorm. She gritted her chattering teeth and willed her life force to give her strength for just this one day.

She ran her fingers through her tomboy-cut hair. Her flat-chested appearance and the haircut saved her on a lot of occasions. Unwanted advances from drunkards and prostitute pimps are her main concern. She had never thought of joining the \'flesh trading\' business. Never!

Thirteen. She hated the number thirteen. She despised it so much. The nagging pain in her knee brought her back to this loveless world. Kindness does not exist here, in this city. Kindness is just a myth. Now she\'s fourteen years old. Her big brown eyes began to follow the movement of her hands. She remebered it as dancing. Yes, she used to love to dance. One year ago, when she turned thirteen...her life had never been the same ever again. Ah, no use recalling that past. It\'s a closed chapter.

"Life is just a piece of crap," she muttered to herself. Her worn out jeans and flannel shirt now soaked with rain. She rocked back and forth to keep her body warm.

"Kalau mak masih ade lagi...aku tak payah merempat. Orang-orang sombong tu takkan jijik tengok muke aku yang kotor ni. Ah! Biarlah..."

That night, the freezing rain accompanied her to sleep. The pitter patter of raindrops was like a lullaby to her ears. She slept like a baby in her drenched attire.

The next morning she woke up with a sneeze and she stood up to shake all the excess water from her body. What a lovely morning after the rain shower last night. At least she didn\'t have to take a shower for another week or so.

"Time to find some food. Hmm what would it be today? Restaurants leftovers ala carte or fruits and flowers. Yummy. Nothing like fresh petals of hibiscus to start the day."

Another ordinary day for Julia meant collecting empty bottles and cans and selling them to an old apek who owns a shop three blocks from the big pumpkin coloured house. And everyday she would leave the same written message over and over again in that pumpkin coloured mailbox. Unfortunately, no one lived there anymore. She knew the owner.





He was the one who fathered her and left her to rot alone in this horrible world. Her mother was his one night of pleasure. Paid and bought to use however he liked for one hour. Julia came into the picture after that. She was an accident. An unwanted burden for a prostitute but a bundle of joy for a new mother.Julia lived a happy existence in that frame of time.

One tragic night when Julia was thirteen, a regular customer of mom came to the house. He was a thug with the meanest face you could ever imagine. He broke down the front door and grabbed her mother by her wrist. He dragged her into her bedroom and...Julia ran out of the house, at the back of her mind she wished that their life would be different.

An hour later Julia peeked into the house. Silence. The house seemed deserted. She tiptoed to her mother\'s bedroom. The door was slightly left open. She knocked but no one replied. Then she heard a strangling voice inside. Mom was on the bed, her naked body covered by a thin layer of sheet and she was struggling to breathe. Ambulance and paramedics came in too late. Julia was orphaned exactly at 3:30pm on 13th September 2006.

Julia ran away from the orphanage she was placed into. No one cared for a missing daughther of a prostitute...She will try to brave this world alone. For how long, only God knows.

"Human owns a unique trait in their genes. They can survive everything and anything. Here\'s to a better world. Maybe that sounded too optimistic. Oh, well nobody cares." Julia toasted her hibiscus in the air and munched on it hungrily.


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  • 1) damn, i love this one. feeling abis. love the ending. love the description. love the feelings. dangitt i loike!

  • (Author)
    2)  tq...Embarassed tang mane feeling abis tu bitterpill?
  • 3) this is wat we call life... great ending gal...

  • (Author)
    4) thnx duchess. *hatiku berbunga seperti bunga2 ditmn
  • 5) the whole story, nightingale..rase mcm feeling2 sgt.. isk dah 3 kali bace dah, the feel ade lagik

  • (Author)
    6) (terkelu lidah kejap) terharunyer Sealed.takde expectation ape2 pon mase tulis this piece.tgh busan2 mase tu(to be exact it was yesterday =P )
  • 7)

    mebe i mmg into dis kinda sadis2 citer kot..ehehe..and cite2 yg bemule dgn ayat2 mcm

    "there she was..."

    "it was only yesterday..."

    "it wasn't the..."

    ayat2 mcm ni gave readers (like me la kot) much much anticipation...n feeling yg menikam jiwe ahahaha..ironically gud stories dtg when we least expect it esp time busan2.....

  • 8) omg. that is so like...can i cry now? and for the next 96 hours?
  • 9) cahatomic sucimuci: mmg imaginative
    cahatomic sucimuci: sbb banyak reading or banyak experience?
    nightingale: reading of course.nk experience mendenyer :p
    cahatomic sucimuci: either way, u put it excellently in this piece
    cahatomic sucimuci:  oh ok :p

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