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One Pointless Discussion of Vix and Jee: Dejavu


Reminder: This article was written based on writer’s imagination only and has no direct connection to any science explanation or such. Proceed at your own risk.


On the bed, Vix and Jee lie on their backs, staring at the ceiling.

‘Jee, have you got this feeling? Like you were sitting in a restaurant and you realized that you have been in that particular restaurant before?’


‘Like just now. You stepped at the front door of James’ party and you realized you have been in that situation before?’

Jee fiddled with her jacket button. ‘Oh you mean the times when I saw myself playing a trick on James in my head, how I want to throw that bucket of water onto his head?’ Jee suddenly sat up.

‘That’s called planning, stupid. You visualized in your head how you are going to execute the plan.’ Vix look at Jee’s face, clenching her teeth.

‘Oh’ Jee is clearly dumbfounded.

‘I want to see you in McDonalds Jalan Ampang tomorrow. You put on your green khakis with white baby tee. I put on my sundress and jeans. When I meet you, I have a feeling that the scene has happened somewhere, someplace’

‘Ah…I see. Dejavu,’ comprehension dawned on her. ‘So, you think it is some kind of magical thing that happened, is that so Vix?’

‘I think so. What about you? What do you say?’ Vix look at Jee’s face. She wants to hear her explanation which sometimes might crack her up so much that she thinks her ribs snapped or something.

‘Well, in my honest opinion, it wasn’t that.’ Jee put on her scientist-like serious face. ‘Our mind plays tricks on us. You do realize that the human brain is very powerful, right?’

Vix stare at her in disbelief. This is an extremely rare occasion that Jee will turn into someone very serious. Most of the time, she would be talking gibberish.

‘Ever been camping, girl?’ Jee poses in front of Vix; like a seasoned old policeman.

‘Yes, twice,’ Vix sits up on the bed.

‘What do they say about mind games?’

‘Err…,’ that was like a zillion time ago Jee.

‘Never mind. I’ll help you out. We will always be given a reminder to take control of ourselves. Once we willed ourselves to believe that we are scared, we will open our minds to imaginations. We will imagine all sorts of ghosts that we have never seen and then, you will start seeing them for real. Want to know why? Power of the mind that tells our whole body that we are actually seeing it.’

‘So.. this dejavu thingy is just a mind game?’ Vix finally found the strength to open her mouth.

‘Might be. I didn’t say it is true. But I just want to stress that dejavu phenomenon might occur due to mind games. That’s all’

‘OK but what if it is too clear in my mind that this scene I have with you; this talking session is so vivid to the point I can remember what you are going to say next?’

‘We always have this kind of conversations right? After all, we are roommates. How many times have we had this scene reenacted?’

‘The same situation which we discuss things?’


‘Oh God,’ Vix let out a laugh. ‘That will be pretty impossible to count. Too many times.’

‘See, that is the reason. And since our mind works in such a way that we remember things that we have encountered before, that is why we think we are experiencing dejavu.’ Jee plops on the bed. Bringing her knees to her chest, she looks at Vix’s face. ‘We might think that we had the conversation before but what we do not realize that we only had the similar kind of conversation before,’ there was a stress on the word similar.

‘Like what Gestalt said?’

‘Somewhat,’ Jee pulls a magazine towards her.

‘You must not forget about long-term and short-term memory functions in this case. Long-term memory is kept at the very back of your mind. It can stay there for up to years and the retrieval time might be very slow. Maybe… just maybe you think that…ok take an example, you had a pillow fight with your sister years ago. Then, some 5 years later you had a pillow fight with me. Just because you had that fight with your sister, you might think you did it with me. Because the information you are retrieving cannot be confirmed and it’s retrieval time is too slow. But after awhile, you will be able to retrieve it; if you are lucky.

Same goes with short-term memory. Maybe you just did it recently but you cannot place the time well. You confuse the participants again.’

‘It’s just the flip of the mind?’ Vix looks at Jee, as if begging for the answer.

‘Might be. There is no hard and cold facts about this. And dejavu is just a feeling that you have did this before; been here before or anything. It cannot be confirmed.

You just think you did it. You just think you’ve seen the situation before with the people in front of you. The only thing that is lacking is the records.

It could only be like the enactment of the plans inside your head. It feels so true that you think you have gone through the experience.’

Both of them keep mum.


What Jee is thinking now is how the situation where Alex kissed her cheeks as dejavu. She had the feeling that this has happened before although of course, they were only colleagues. Provided that Alex just joined the company 2 weeks before that. And she doesn’t fancy Alex at all. So, where does that theory of the inner desire come from?


And Vix was thinking the time when she poured the mock tail onto Daniel’s lap (of course, accidentally) has happened sometime, somewhere. Vix is not even close to Daniel, which means she could not possibly thinking about teasing Daniel at all.


‘Ahhh…screw it! I can’t comprehend this dejavu alien!’ Jee utters her opinion; half screaming.

Vix laughs. ‘Just now, at the party…’


They exchange stories. No more explanations given. They just accept that dejavu is unexplainable thing for them.

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  • 1)

    somehow dejavu is related to LOA la plak kan. Hehehe.

    *LOA = Law of Attraction. U know la that mind game thingy. Eyh, mind game oso ini. Assured, they're relatives now. 

  • 2)

    What about seeing yourself in ur dream solving programming ? and woke up in the middle of night and follow exactly what you did in the dream.. and got the problem solved.

    It happened to me during my final year project (a few years back). Can I call it dejavu? 

  • (Author)

    miszunderstand: our brains can play so many tricks on us

    jojo: weih..i already put a reminder what up there. not connected to any scientific facts or anything. btw, that might mean your brain doesn't stop thinking tho you are asleep.

  • 4)

    jo --> i think that cud be referred as what ur subconscious mind wants u to do coz maybe ur conscious mind dah tense sangat trying to figure out how to solve the problem to a point that you'll never figure it out in your awaken state.. so thats when your subconscious mind comes in handy...

    uculer, i looove how the convo falls into one perfect piece of sheer genius interpretation of dejavu tho the facts may not be realistic but who cares!

  • (Author)
    5) bitterpill: thank you so much! i was just trying to write. still a beginner la dear. and yes, i wrote that based on my sole interpretation only or in other words, jee's voice
  • 6) i dunno what to comment. but all i know that i always have this dejavu feeling. to many times, if i may say so. most prolly just like u wrote: the mind plays all the tricks.

  • (Author)
    7) me too. the latest one happened yesterday night. and i'm so bloody full up until now.
  • 8)

    bitterpill: is there any way to control the subconscious mind?

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