Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Beware of witches...(the author feels that a title is just so hard to come up with (~_~) )


There was once a witch who lived at the edge of the forest. They say she had lived two centuries in another town before moving into the forest. They say she had the most hideous face in the entire kingdom. She has crooked teeth and a pointed nose. Some of the villagers that had came across her died mysteriously. Their remains had gone missing as well. One night, a young man sneaked into the witch\'s home. He took all the valuables that he could find and he took one thing that\'s important to the witch; a heart-shaped box. It was locked. After making sure he had all he could hold on to, the thief dashed into the moonlit forest; unaware that the witch knew all along about his plan. Back at the village, the thief began celebrating his recent robbery in a tavern nearby. He drank and gambled to his heart content. Then, precisely around midnight, something happened. He was staggering drunkenly outside the building, when he felt something warm on his back. The warmth turned into a burning hot sensation. He quickly dropped the bag filled with his earlier loot and pulled out the glowing heart-shaped chest. He heard voices coming from inside the chest. Curiosity got the better of him and he opened the box to see what was inside. He saw a beautiful maiden singing. She has the most beautiful voice he has ever heard. The voice was beckoning him to take out the content inside. He obliged. A silver pendant lay cold on his rough palm. Inside, was a tiny scroll. The words looked gibberish to him. He wore the pendant around his neck. Suddenly, he was back inside the witch\'s cottage. The old crone was stirring something in a big black cauldron with her back to him. He tried to flee but his feet was literally rooted on the wooden floor. "So, you are the thief." The witch slowly faced the frightened man."I don\'t like people taking away my things without my permission." "Please spare me," begged the man."I will return everything that I took from you. But please, do not kill me." The man wept unshamefully. "No, no. You can keep it all. I just want one thing from you." The witch circled the young man."What\'s your name, boy?" asked the witch. "Ad...Adam," stuttered the man nervously. The witch cackled and started chanting. She cut out a lock of his raven-black hair and kept it inside one of her gown pockets. "Drink this," the witch gave Adam a green liquid, it tasted so sour and her winced. "What is that?" He demanded as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Something that\'ll teach you a lesson." "Like what?" He snorted, his fear of the old woman, momentarily forgotten. "Manners, for once. And something else. You won\'t feel a thing. At least...not for now." Adam felt the room began to spin around him. The next thing he knew, he fainted. All his body ached when he opened his eyes the next day. When he tried to stand up, something creaked. His vision was blurry and when he tried to call out, he heard a hoarse voice instead of his baritone one. He slowly made his way to the river bank. The reflection that stared at him was an old man instead of a robust young man of twenty and five. He splashed the water all over his face to escape the image he just saw. The same face looked back at him. He had grey hair, wrinkled skin and a hunched back. "Damn that old crone!" cursed Adam. He searched under the forest bushes for a sturdy stick for him to lean on. He then contemplated a way to get the witch to undo the spell. His mind was working like an old man\'s; easy to forget and a hard time recalling the witch\'s house. He decided to seek help from the villagers. "Maybe they\'ll know how to break the spell." Turned out, he wasn\'t welcomed by the village folks. The young childrens started throwing rocks at him for no apparent reason. The men and women brushed him away and ran from him like he was a plague. He was devasted. A young woman approached him when he sat the village fountain."May I offer you something, old man?"Her voice startled him. "I don\'t think you can even help me," said Adam. "I know you are now under a spell cast by the witch who lived at the edge of the forest." "How can it be? Not even my friends recognize me in this form." "But first, you must tell me everything you know about the witch." Adam told her everything that went on last night. She nodded once in a while and patted his hands. "Show me the pendant, Adam." He unclasped the silver chain around his neck and gave it to her. "Don\'t tell anyone about this. In the meantime, you can stay at my place." "I wouldn\'t want to burden you, fair lady." "Of course not. It\'s the least I could do to help you."The maiden brought Adam to a big mansion surrounded by a lake in the middle of the forest. She clapped her hands to summon her servants. They ran and stood in one line to greet their mistress. Everyone looked gloomy and miserable. She dispatched one of the maids to prepare a room for the old man. "Yes, milady," and the maid fled to the stairs. She stopped and whispered something to the mistress. The fair maiden then waved all the servants back to their chores. The old man was given a very spacious room and a big comfortable bed. An earthquake woke Adam up in the middle of the night. He crept out of the four poster bed and held on to one of the bed post to steady himself. He made his way slowly down the hallway after the quake stopped. The whole castle seemed deserted. He knocked on every door and peered inside. They were all empty. An eerie sound stopped him infront of the mistress bedchamber. After a few hesitated moment, he clucthed the door handle and pushed the wooden frame with all his might. A growling beast was ravishing one of the young maids. Blood was oozing freely from the woman lifeless form. He body was so torn up that he could see the flesh and bones. He covered his mouth to stop the nauseating sensation. The beast stopped and turned sideways to face the old man. It had an evil grin on it\'s face. The beast sauntered lazily towards Adam, leaving its dinner behind. Red liquid was dripping in earnest from its long sharp fangs. "Like what you see?" taunted the beast. "Wh..what have you done with the mistress of the house?" asked the trembling man. The beast roared in his face. Blood and saliva slided down from Adam\'s face. "What are you doing here, old man?" "I was looking for the mistress of this mansion." "Look no more. You are looking at her." "But...that\'s not possible! It can\'t be. Who? What are you?" "I am the legendary beast of the Green Forest, cursed by the old witch years ago. I am bound to reside in this mansion." "So, we both have something against the old crone." Rays of sunlight came dancing through the shredded piece of curtain. The beast lay crumpled and clutched its chest in pain. Pools of blood seemed to have life of their own as they went back towards the dead maid. A miracle happened as she coughed back to life. She blinked and clutched the torn dress to cover her breasts. She curtised at the beast and ran out of the room. The beast shredded its skin and out came the fair maiden. She smiled sweetly and brought the old man to sit near the window. "What had just happened? All of this is absurd." She patted his hand and said, "The witch cursed me and this entire mansion. To make sure I won\'t go out and kill the villagers, she made a binding spell on the beast. She even made all the servants came back to live after being killed the night before." She chuckled, "So I won\'t go starving and die."Speckles of dust were floating around her, making her appeared like a being from the fairy world."Do you know that the old witch was actually a beautiful lady?" She eyed him, waiting for his reaction. "You sounded so happy with the situation." "Actually, it made me realize a few of my flaws." "How so?" sighed the old man."My only flaw was breaking into the witch\'s house." "When the time comes, she will break the spell. She told me that two years ago." "You don\'t look happy to me when you turned into the beast." She laughed out loud and laughed for a few more minutes until the old man tapped his toes impatiently and waited for her explanation. "Okay, here\'s the deal. I\'ll tell you all my ugly sides and you tell me yours." "Deal!" "I am grumpy, selfish, self-centered, pompous and an annoying spoilt brat. Your turn," said the beauty as she twirled around in circles. "Beauty and honesty. Suits you." He coughed out his words."I was born alone. I had to bea thief so I won\'t go hungry and cold during winter. That is my flaw." Suddenly, the witch came into view at the corner of the room."You left the most important flaw, young man." "You!" cried Adam. "For many years you\'ve closed your heart for other people. You drove them away. You don\'t trust people." "Turn me back!" demanded Adam."I want my life the way it was!" "Please lift my spell too." pleaded the beauty. "You must give me your most prized possesion." "Here, take my necklace." "No. I want your child." "You are married?" asked Adam, amazed. "Okay, take him. I want to be beautiful again. I want men to adore me and lavish me with gifts." The witch began throwing dust the colour of ashes in the floor. She asked the beauty to stand in the middle of the circle. Light, in so many shades of colour, like a rainbow rained down on her. The light dissolved and so did the beauty. Then, Adam heard a croak from the floor. A big slimy frog jumped up and down infront of him. He eyed the witch accusingly. "You lying witch!" He lunged out at the old crone. Both fell on the floor. All hell broke loose. The wind was picking up speed outside. Thunder boomed near the glass window and shooked it with force. Rain poured cats and dogs. The old man found a dagger lying nearby. Without hesitation, he plunged the gleaming steel into the old crone. Her old wise eyes suddenly looked so young and innocent. The freckles on her hands dissapeared. The wrinkles faded away in a blink of an eye. His hands wet with her blood. He cradled her lifeless body close to his heart. He felt young again. The spell had been broken the moment the stabbed her. He wept for her. He cried out in anger. Suddenly, he remembered about the pendant. He clasped it around her neck and kissed her forehead. She was the only one who trusted him. She was always there where ever he went. And he broke her heart and now he killed her. "Now you are young again, Adam." He whirled around to face the talking frog. "She knew about it and she readily sacrifice herself for you." "No! Turn me back. Or do whatever you want. Just don\'t let her die," wept Adam. "I want to learn how to love. I want to learn how to trust someone. But only with her. Please...I beg you." "If you examine closely, you can see her breathing, my dear," croaked the frog. "Uh? Thank god! Thank god she\'s alive." He cradled her closer in his arms. "That hurts like hell!" muttered the woman."Why did you have to stab me so hard? A little jab would do, you know." He eyed her and burst into laughther. "I\'ll get you the most expensive doctor. What\'s your name, again?" joked Adam. She pulled his hair hard and he winced. "It\'s Emily." "Wait. What I don\'t understand can this story be so ridiculous? A talking frog? An old witch who is a young woman? And why in the world do you have to turn me into an old man?! Couldn\'t you be normal for once and seek me using normal method method, like, oh, say, a letter?" He growled at both of them. "Normal is so last century," croaked the frog."I thought it would be fun for once." "And I\'m not really hurt, Adam," said Emily."The witch protected me with her magic." "So, you are the witch." "Enough of this mindless bickering. When is the wedding?" asked the witch in her real human form. "Will you marry me, lady witch?" Adam proposed to Emily. "Five years ago you left and broke my heart. Now I\'m not so sure about you." "What more? You managed to scare me to death, made me old before my time..." "Adam, shut up! You talk too much. But I\'m willing to spend the rest of my life with you." She hugged him while the witch wiped the tears in her eyes. And they lived happily, ever after. Almost. "Adam, where are you? You forgot to wash this dress too." "Emily, how many times do I have to tell you? I AM not one of your maids. We have people to do our laundry." "Urgh!" Emily stomped her feet in frustration. Then she was screaming. Adam rushed to her. "What\'s wrong?" he asked, panicked. Emily pointed to her bulging stomach, "The baby\'s coming!" Now, they live happily ever after with their newborn baby boy, Charlie. And they still bicker at each other, lovingly. THE END

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    too much disney movies until mmu  time eh, nightingale? haha. i wish i can write like this :)

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    2) caha: tu perli sambil memuji ke? ahakz.tgh mood kanak2 ribena kut mase tulis. still watch disney channel though.Tongue out
  • 3) how on earth u can think of soomething like this...can i borrow ur brain?

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    4) zhentan: are u sure u wanna borrow my brain? dun regret it later :p

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