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Kapasitor EN : January 2011 Bulletin


Ok, first thing first,


All in all 2010 personally is a good year for me, what about you?

You heard the say, “nothing changes if nothing  changes”, is this month a good start to change things a bit?

Me, I will certainly change some things, like shifting my office furniture, throwing away documents I don’t need anymore  like last year catalogues and stuff. Yeah I’m trying to lay down a new schedule for everything in my life. Timetable sucks, but I guess it’s all about time management and if you managed your time well, time is your best friend.

Enough about me, for this month bulletin I just want to do a review of 2010 in EN Section and some Kapasitor main activities. Check it out :

January 2010
Ok, not much to mention here because I’m still a moderator in EN.  But as usual I’m always thinking of something to do early in a year whether in business, life and social activities. For EN I was thinking of coming out with it’s own e-zine. After much discussion with Uculer the EN Administrator, the idea for Kap-sule was born.

February 2010
Kap-sule : Blast From The Past issue #1, EN Section own e-zine was published. Njay did a great job blogging and promoting the zine.

March 2010
Piknik & Paintball @ Kem Motivasi Alang Sendayu on the 7th.  Ok I didn’t  make it, but from the pictures it seems so much fun!

April 2010
From the good response from members, I decided to produce Kapsule No. 2. So it’s back to the drawing board.

May 2010
Kapsule #2 : The 2nd Dosage was published. The e-zine also included an embedded video of collaboration between PaktamRamaRama turning a poetry by Raihanchia into a song!

A competition for Kapsule #3 BlOOD theme was announced.

Kapasitor held another activity, Piknik+Santai @Cyberjaya on 23rd. They practice performance for Youth 2010. Oh yeah, I couldn’t make to this event too. :(

Youth 2010 @PWTC , yeah! I did make it! Met a lot of Kapasitor members for the 1st time like apun, kurusawa, Ck, rizzy, petak, status and ben. The scene was great! Oh and thanks again Kuru for making and playing  my poetry ‘Drain’ into a song live there! Cool dude!

June 2010
Due to the resignation of Uculer from the EN section as administrator, I was promoted to be the EN Section Leader. Thanks Jojo!  With that, EN published my 1st EN bulletin.

July 2010
Shazmiey, one of the EN moderator step down form the EN team due to work commitments.

On the 24th, Kapasitor held another event, Hari Santai @ FnD Mindspot TTDI.

August 2010.
Kap-sule #3 Blood theme was published and the competition was closed with   MissClarks as the winner. She won a t-shirt, an interactive Prasasti CD and the honor of picking the next Kapsule theme and she chosen WATER.  The shirt and CD was replaced by ADIDAS sneakers because I couldn’t managed to design the shirt and the Kapasitor CD was still in the works to this date.

With the EN team left with just me and blake, I decided to build a new team. MissClarks & Rebelliben was approached and they step up to the team with fresh ideas.

Ben came out with 10words poetry campaign and Clarkie with her Translate! Campaign. Both put their mark in EN section.

We also held an online event for section called “EN OPEN CHAT DAY” on the 21st.  Total of 18 members cramped the online room created purposely by Jojo for the event. Thanks Jo!

On the 28th, Kapasitor Iftar @Secret Recipe event, Avenue K was held.

September 2010
Ben 10WP campaign created a tsunami of entries in EN. A total of 107 10WPs was submitted in that month. The campaign was so easy and brilliant, that members like Paktam, Caha, Jojo and others  who never post in EN section, uploaded their english post for the 1st time. The fever caught members to post in MS too and a created  a version, 10PP.

Jojo made pages for 10WP, 10PP and TRANSLATE.

But just one month in the EN team, Rebelliben also decided  to step down due to personal reasons and his position was replaced by AzzKikr.

October 2010
The mood was still Hari Raya I guessed, there were not many entries posted by members in this month.  In this month bulletin I suggested DIGGING old stuff in EN. Blake volunteered to make and design Kap-sule #4 WATER theme. But she went missing for quite some time and to date the issue is still in progress as I was told in her last YM PM  to me.  It was a relief as I thought she was in trouble or sort due to her MIA but she informed me that her change of work location was the cause. Ok let just wish her well and hope to see Kapsule #4 in 2011.

November 2010
Well, the activities is still slow in EN. I came out with another  simple competition, JUSTWRITE! With a pair of Adidas sneaker as the prize for the winner.  Oh I would like to say thanks and mentioned here these members who I noticed always participated in EN campaign and  projects kurusawa, 26life, uculer, missclarks, tept and all who have joined in , you know who you are, THANKS SO MUCH!

December 2010
Kurusawa  was announced as the winner of JWCOMP. That was the last activity for EN in 2010.

Well that was LAST YEAR, I sincerely hope we the EN Team will served you better this year. Currently, I planning some new activities for EN and talk to a few potential sponsor for prizes and all. So wait for it ok!


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